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Why Choose Native Plants For Your Space?


Plant it and they will come: The smallest insects to the largest raptors have co-evolved with our native plants to ensure survival of both flora and fauna. Did you know that it takes approximately 6,000-9,000 caterpillars to raise a clutch of baby birds? Or that ants are crucial in spreading wildflower seeds? Or that hummingbird diets overwhelmingly rely on protein rich insects and flower nectar only provides 20% of their nutrients? These caterpillars and insects require specific native plants to feed from and lay their eggs.


Native Plants are less work: Native plants require less water and soil amendments than their non-native counterparts. Natives situated in their preferred habitat, ie open sunny area for the sun lovers or rain garden for the plants that like wet feet, will thrive once established without additional work from you. They are where they are supposed to be with the right climate and soil where they’ve lived for centuries. 


While our environment NEEDS native plants, you can still have what you WANT without sacrifice. Georgia has over 3,600 species of native plants! Need a show stopper full of color? There’s a native plant for that. Have a shady area that needs something beautiful? There’s a native plant for that. Want to feed the birds in the winter without spending a bunch of money on bird seed? Soil erosion issues? Over abundance of deer? There's a Native plant for almost any need or issue you can think of!

The native plants of Georgia have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years as the foundation of our shared ecosystem. Unfortunately, habitat loss and introduced plant species have disturbed the balance in our environment. Adding native plants to your yard will help restore that balance and provides a number of immediate and long term benefits!
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