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Starting June 27th, 
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About Us


Who We Are

Why Natives Matter

We're a women owned and operated plant nursery in Winterville, GA! Located on the former Thyme after Thyme property which was a plant nursery for over 25 years, we have so much to see and experience. We're pesticide and herbicide free, employing all natural growing methods. We also love art! We make our own art but also love supporting local artists. 

The native plants of Georgia have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years as the foundation of our shared ecosystem. Unfortunately, habitat loss and introduced plant species have disturbed the balance in our environment. Adding native plants to your yard will help restore that balance and provides a number of immediate and long term benefits!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and enrich each customer's well-being through the process of designing individual living spaces. We believe in environmental stewardship and we hope to renew and spark interest in horticulture and plants. We believe in relationships with our customers and offer an assortment of the highest quality plants that are competitively priced. 

We prioritize native plants in order to re-wild our spaces and provide a safe haven for birds, pollinators, and the ecosystem as a whole. 

Our Location:

550 Athens Rd, Athens GA 30683

We're located just a few miles from downtown Winterville and only 10 minutes from downtown Athens!

Full Service Garden Planning, Delivery and Planting!
  • Looking for full service garden planning? We're collaborating with Lisa Stephens who will come out to your property and draw out a garden plan for your space. (Contact Lisa at ​

  • Just want delivery and/or planting? We've got you covered! 


        - Delivery fee: $100

        - Installation fee: $50 (waived if getting delivery) plus 50% of the              price of each plant to install

         - *$200 minimum plant purchase required


*You can also bring in a picture of your space and any of our staff can give you recommendations for your garden plans as a complimentary service!*

  • Check out our social media to stay up to date on our weekly sales!

  • Every Thursday seniors get a 10% discount

  • Every Friday parents get a 10 % discount

Events & Markets
Close Up of Pink Roses
Soft Wood Cutting Propagation Class

June 2, 10 AM-12PM 

Sunrise Nursery

Ever wanted to learn how to propagate your plants so you can have even more plants (without spending any more money?) Join us for our soft wood cutting propagation class led by Jim Pruckler, the head of the North Georgia Camilla Society, held right here at the nursery! Donation Based, Pay What You Can Class

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